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Function description of the components of the automatic edge banding machine

  Function description of the components of the automatic edge banding machine:
  Automatic edge banding machine,as a woodworking machinery edge banding machine,has its unique characteristics.It is different from semi-automatic edge banding machines in use,but it also has many similarities.Before the edge machine,we must first understand the operation method of the edge banding machine,as well as the characteristics of the edge banding machine,let us understand the parts of the automatic edge banding machine.
  1.Fine repair:Adopt modeling automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor structure to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimming plate.Used to repair and process excess edge sealing material above and below board edge strips.The finishing knives are r-shaped.Mainly used for PVC and acrylic edge strips of panel furniture,especially suitable for edge strips with thickness greater than 0.8mm.
  2.Edge scraping:It is used to eliminate the ripple marks produced in the non-linear motion cutting process during the trimming process,so that the upper and lower parts of the plate are smoother and tidy.
  3.Polishing:Use a cotton polishing wheel to clean the processed sheet,and make the edge sealing end face smoother by polishing.
  4.Pre-milling:The corrugated marks,burrs or non-perpendicular phenomena caused by the cutting board saw are modified by double milling cutters to achieve better edge sealing effect.Makes edge strips and panels tighter,with better integrity and aesthetics.
  5.Glue and edge sealing:Through special structure,edge sealing plate and edge sealing material are evenly coated on both sides to ensure stronger adhesion.
  6.Head:Through precise linear guide motion,automatic tracking modeling and high-frequency high-speed motor cutting structure are adopted to ensure smooth cutting surface.
  7.Slotting:It is used to directly slot the side and bottom plates of the wardrobe,reducing the process of cutting the board saw.Also available for door aluminium edge grooving.


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