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What is the working process of the automatic edge banding machine?

  What is the working process of the automatic edge banding machine:
  The automatic edge banding machine is suitable for edge banding and decoration of various plates.Generally,edge sealing materials are various,such as PVC,PE,solid wood strips,sheets,etc.Products are relatively serialized,providing customers with a variety of choices.
  So what is the working process of the automatic edge banding machine,the following will introduce to you.
  The first is pre-milling,which uses double milling cutters for overall processing,such as non-perpendicular,burr and corrugated marking processing,which can improve the integrity and aesthetics of the sheet and the sealing edge,and the fit between the two is tighter..
  The second is gluing and sealing the edges.Special structure is used for double-sided gluing between the edge sealing material and the edge sealing plate,which makes the structure more stable,with stronger adhesion and firmness.
  The third is the head,which adopts high-frequency high-speed motor and automatic mold tracking ability,and structural cutting to ensure that the cutting plane is neat and smooth.
  The fourth is fine repair,which is the same as the first one is to use motor and mold for fine repair,and the upper and lower plates are smoother and more tidy.
  The fifth is polishing.The polishing wheel is used to polish the board with cotton cloth to make the board surface smoother.
  The general work of the automatic edge banding machine is described above.The electrical components of the edge banding machine produced by the company are high-quality products,which can be used for frequency conversion work,realize stepless speed regulation,and can realize various plate edge banding speeds and obtain better processing results.


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