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Edge banding machine manufacturers talk about the operation process of automatic edge banding machine

  Edge banding machine manufacturers talk about the operation process of automatic edge banding machine
  The edge banding machine manufacturer takes into account the unfamiliar understanding of many new customers on the automatic warning machine.Due to the unfamiliarity with normal operation,the speed becomes slower,the productivity decreases,and there are small problems.The use process is as follows:If you want to quickly get to know new customers,use the sealer normally.A side machine might help.The following edge banding machine manufacturers talk about the operation process of the automatic edge banding machine.
  The edge banding machine manufacturer said that the automatic edge banding machine operates normally in 10 steps:
  1.Clean the machine and workshop and check whether the vacuum cleaner is normal.
  2.Check whether the glue in the Ejiao pot is sufficient and clean.When insufficient,the adhesive should be appropriately added according to the dosage.
  3.Adjust the position of the auxiliary joystick according to the length and width of the workpiece.
  4.Adjust the distance between the upper pressure wheel and the lower rail according to the thickness of the workpiece,so as to avoid the workpiece from being too tight to squeeze the surface of the workpiece.
  5.Adjust the size of the rubber door so that the edge sealing material is evenly spread.
  6.Connect the trachea and stabilize the air pressure at 6 standard air pressures.Check whether the air pressure of each part is normal and the ventilation is smooth.
  7.Check whether the wiring of the power cord is normal,turn the demonstrator to the correct direction,and verify whether the marker is working normally.
  8.Adjust the thermostat,heat the rubber wheel to 180,turn on the other switches after the indicator light is on.When sealing the edge,the pot temperature should be kept at 18020,and the rubber shaft should be kept at 20020.
  9.Install the cover strip,adjust the position of the cover limit width of each part to ensure that the cover passes smoothly,and do not press too tightly.At the same time,place the workpiece on the conveyor belt,close to the 90-track baffle,and advance it in parallel and evenly.
  10.Each time a workpiece is processed,a finished product inspection is performed,and the trimming amount and radian are appropriately adjusted.


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