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What are the factors that affect the quality of high-speed edge banding machines

  There are many factors that affect the quality of high-speed edge banding machines,such as interruption of edge banding work,interference time measurement,and application reliability affecting working hours.
  Distribution In terms of distribution,distribution is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture.The quality of the sealing edge directly affects the quality,price and grade of the product.By sealing the surface,it is a good way to improve the appearance quality of the furniture.The furniture avoids edge damage during transportation and use,and the covering layer is lifted or peeled off.At the same time,it can be waterproof,closed to release harmful gases and reduce deformation,etc.It can also beautify the furniture,happy mood.The raw materials used by panel furniture manufacturers are mainly particleboard,MDF and other wood-based panels,mainly using PVC edge banding,polyester,melamine and wood.Seals of different materials and sizes Today,there are two main types of edgebanding machines used by furniture manufacturers:manual straight-curve edgebanders and automatic straight-line edgebanders.Due to its complex structure,high manufacturing precision and high price,the automatic linear edge banding machine is prone to this or that problem during use.
  In order to improve work efficiency,improve work efficiency and improve target quality,there are usually the following methods:
  1.If the local edge seal cannot be firmly adhered to the edge of the board,it can be glued and repaired;
  2.Tear off,saw or grind off the edge seal,and reseal the edge if necessary;
  3.When rust spots appear on the board,wipe off the anti-rust oil on the machine in time;
  4.Regularly maintain the edge banding machine equipment,especially the gluing device of the edge banding machine;
  5.The coordination between processes(such as panel components or door panels to form sealing edges,etc.)should be clear and clear.Poor coordination can also have adverse effects;
  6.Seal the side machine(such as the track speed),the performance of the workpiece is placed in the azimuth and height,the speed and the worker's working ability are fault judgment and processing,the worker's work will affect the normal use of the machine on the edge,so the worker must deal with it before going to work.Use necessary training,such as minimizing work interruptions affecting working hours,and using skilled workers as much as possible.


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