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What are the measures to improve the working efficiency of the automatic edge banding machine

What are the measures to improve the working efficiency of the automatic edge banding machine:
Now many people know that there are many factors that will affect the quality of automatic edge banding machines, such as temperature and so on. Here, there is a phenomenon that the edge sealing work is interrupted, which also affects its work efficiency.
In order to improve work efficiency, work efficiency and quality become the goals of work. When we encounter this situation, we usually take the following measures:
1. Before using workers, they should be trained for a period of time. If you want to minimize work interruptions and affect work, you must invite skilled workers to operate;
2. If necessary, tear off, saw or grind off the edge seal and reseal the edge;
3. If part of the edge sealing strip and the edge of the board are not firmly bonded, it can be repaired with glue;
4. The coordination between processes should be simple and clear, and the problem is also related to poor coordination;
5. When the plate parts are rusted, they should be coated with anti-rust oil in time;
6. Maintain the equipment on time, and pay more attention to the gluing device of the automatic edge banding machine;
7. The performance of the automatic edge banding machine, the position and height of workpiece placement, the ability of workers to judge and deal with failures in work, and the mutual cooperation between workers will affect the normal use of the equipment.


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