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What is the correct posture of the automatic edge banding machine?

  What is the correct use posture of the automatic edge banding machine:
  The correct steps of edge sealing are summarized by many experienced woodworkers and have high reference value.If the automatic edge banding machine encounters difficulties in the actual edge banding operation,its operation details can be selected.The first step is to select the edge sealant according to the workpiece to be processed and its edge sealing requirements.The furniture edge banding adhesive can meet the requirements of edge banding operation,and has strong performance,which can lay a good foundation for the high-quality woodworking edge banding effect.In the second step,heat the rubber wheel on the edge sealer to 180 degrees until the corresponding signal indicator light is on,just press another start button to ensure that the air compressor pressure is above this standard value of 0.65 PASCAL.In the third step,in the melting stage of the sealing edge glue,the temperature of the glue solution needs to be controlled between 160 degrees and 2 degrees,which is the best.It is advisable to ensure that the temperature of the glue shaft of the sealing machine is between 180 degrees and 220 degrees.The fourth step is to install the base material of the automatic edge banding machine,including edge seals and sheets.Among them,the workpiece must rely on the guide rail baffle,so that the edge of the plate can be operated parallel and uniform in advance.Step 5.Quality check is very important,so it is very important to do quality check before sealing the edges of each sheet.The sixth step,the poor edge sealing environment will affect the effect of the woodworking edge.As the material of the receiving personnel,it should be cleaned before the accumulation of dust or debris on the surface of the board to lay a good foundation for the final edge of the board.Step 7:Before or after each edge sealing operation,be sure to clean the edge sealer of sawdust and glue residue.If the edge banding machine is not started for a long time,cut off its power supply.In the sealing machine during the drying period,the temperature in the plastic tank should be lowered and controlled at 120 to 150 degrees.Sealed edge step build,not a stubborn woodworking job,it's a standard if you want to say a few higher levels.The woodworking edge banding procedure does not work,in order to maintain the quality of the edge banding,the automatic edge banding machine operator is obliged to stick to this step forever.


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